symflow use


You can classify the students through class number and employee number and you can check achievement of the test. Based on this,
you can set the course direction for the future.
You can answer students’ questions during or after class.
In addition, after class, it can use in various ways such as forwarding the message or posting the announcement.

symflow use


You can raise participants’ concentration through witty questions during presentations, which will encourage bored participants during workshops.
You can freely get feedback from participants and make further progress in future workshops.
You can also use anonymity to share and discuss topics you could not normally handle.

Lecture symflow use


Before you start your lecture, you can ask questions about the audience’s position and tendencies and proceed with lectures tailored to your audience.
During the lecture, you can check the understanding of the audience through questions and proceed more efficiently.

symflow use


In a less formalized environment, you can use fun questions to boost your meeting atmosphere.
In this atmosphere, we can collect various opinions and reflect them in the next meeting,
or encourage them to communicate with you more casually after the meeting.

symflow use


You can get real-time feedback on your products and ratings from potential customers.
You can leave announcements that you want people to know about.
You can also provide additional information to interested customers and continue to interact after the show.

symflow use


Q & A sessions can be run much more efficiently at large gatherings.
It is possible to filter questions by collecting them at once, and prevent erroneous or redundant questions in advance.
You can have quality sessions because you can only answer questions that are relevant to the event.
If there are multiple speakers, the audience will be able to rank the speakers so the audience can actively participate in the event.