Frequently Asked Questions

Inquiry on connection

Do I have to install an app?

No. It is a web-based service that only needs an internet address, and it can be used in any device that has an internet browser.

How can I avoid having an intruder?

SYMFLOW provides a different web address for each account.
Therefore, you can’t access it unless you know the address.
Also, there is an access restriction feature that blocks uninvited people.

How can the audience sign up for the service?

The audience doesn’t need to sign up to use the service.
Unless there is a change in the access restriction feature, all the participants can use it right away just by accessing the designated address.

I forgot how to access the administrator page.

You can check your administrator page by adding /t in the end of the account URL given at your registration.

Is there any way to access the service without using the web address?

You can use NFC or QR code to access the service.
However, using NFC could be expensive, and using QR code is only possible when everyone has the app that reads the QR code.
It is most effective to send an email or a text message to the participants before they come if you have their contact information.

Occasionally, there are some people who have difficulty accessing the service.

Occasionally, there are some people who have difficulty accessing our service when they are using an app to access the internet on their smartphones.
We recommend using a default browser for an easier access to our service.

Inquiry on features

Can I participate anonymously?

Yes. All the participants are logged in anonymously on a default setting.
However, you can change the setting to require name, email address, or other information from the participants.

Is it possible to hide the survey results from the audience?

Yes. You have a choice to see the results only yourself or share it with the entire audience.

Can I get the survey results in a separate file?

Yes. You can simply click “Download an excel file” on the administrator page to receive a detailed report.

How can I manage inappropriate languages used by the participants on their questions?

SYMFLOW has a filtering feature that limits the use of an inappropriate language.
However, the administrator has to delete posts for any improper posts that may not be filtered.

How can I switch to a regular page from the administrator page?

You can move to the regular page by logging out from the administrator page.

Inquiry on other issues

How can I use the service effectively?

Share the results of the survey with the participants to create a consensus, and talk about it to further increase the level of understanding.
Also, if you have a difficulty operating the service, you can have someone help you manage it while you concentrate on the presentation.

I closed the web browser while using the service.

As long as you access it again using the same browser on the same device, all the answers you have made before closing the browser will be there.

SYMFLOW is not working well with the Internet Explorer.

If you are having difficulty using SYMFLOW with the Internet Explorer, please go to Options to delete the search history and restart the browser.
If you are using Internet Explorer 9 or below, then there could be a difficulty using the service.
In this case, we recommend you to download and use Google Chrome instead.